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Are you or someone you love living with chronic pain or disease? In the U.S. alone, 6 in 10 people are. Because chronic health issues are so often misdiagnosed and mismanaged, we’re on a mission. We want you to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that YOU CAN HEAL and feel better. It all starts with one simple thought…”If you think you can, you can!” And our goal is to help you build increasing belief and momentum by taking charge of your personal pathway to health and healing.


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Filtering through the infinite resources on the Internet is time-consuming and overwhelming! It’s easy to miss out on something of value to your own healing journey, finding those “missing links” so to speak. We are passionate about helping and supporting you by sending tips and tools in the form of brief videos from top professionals in mind-body health and wellness fields. My Healing Mentors is a FREE self-guided coaching program.



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On selected mornings we’ll send a 3 minute video message designed to help you start your day with a boost of inspiration. You might hear an uplifting story, a cutting edge healing option, a helpful strategy, a way to alleviate stress, a simple call to action, some words of wisdom, or maybe an idea that causes a shift in your pain, thoughts or approach to your day. Stay open to what resonates with you. One positive shift leads to another and another. With each passing day healing is taking place.


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  • help generate a positive healing shift in the lives of others?
  • create an instant connection with viewers through quick delivery?
  • have the opportunity to make a first impression that’s lasting?
  • have a growing platform for sharing your healing message and talents with a population in need?

Contrary to the “lengthy” content offered (e.g., summits, podcasts, webinars, social media, etc.) we realize the need for an innovative platform to deliver brief healing tips and tools for the busy person who is overwhelmed by the continuous stream of information overload. My Healing Mentors emphasizes a “less is more” approach.


People living with chronic pain or disease are searching for ways to put an end to their personal struggle and it has to start with an idea, a vision or a belief that “just maybe things can get better” one small step at a time. As you know, our thoughts can be our greatest asset to rise above our circumstances or the cause of our demise.

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how can you help?

Create a 3 minute video with your favorite tip that will be life-changing for individuals on a healing journey. Give subscribers of My Healing Mentors  what they’re searching for–genuine, heartfelt, game-changing content that leaves a lasting impression.

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think 3 minute “ted talk!”

Where subscribers look forward to their morning boost of inspiration. This puts you in the “spotlight” during the first moments of each viewer’s day, while their focus and receptiveness are high. Your words will impact the quality of their entire day and possibly months to come.

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They’ll be able to tune into your video message again and again, and access a link to learn about you and your offering(s). Click the link below to learn more about how you can participate in our free My Healing Mentors  morning video series.