How to Protect Your Muscle as You Age

“Muscle is the

Organ of Longevity



Dr. Gabrielle Lyon 

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Tips for Maintaining Muscle as You Age


Starting around age 35, we begin to lose muscle mass. Although regular exercisers lose muscle as they age, inactive people can lose as much as 5 percent of their muscle every decade. Loss of muscle mass with aging, called “sarcopenia,” has several causes:

  • Age-related decreases in hormones.
  • Decreased activity in the nerves that control muscle contractions, a problem that is worsened by inactivity.
  • Many elders experience decreased appetite.

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Dr. Gabrielle Lyon, “Muscle-Centric Medicine”


Dr. Gabrielle LyonDr. Gabrielle Lyon DO is a functional medicine physician specializing in the concept of muscle-centric medicine, which focuses on the largest organ in the body, skeletal muscle, as the key to health and longevity. Dr. Gabrielle Lyon individualized wellness plans include interventions using high-quality protein diets, supplements and resistance training to improve health, reduce chronic disease risk factors and boost overall energy and wellness by focusing on building and maintaining healthy body composition and lean muscle.

In her private practice, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon leverages evidence-based medicine with emerging cutting-edge science to restore metabolism, balance hormones and optimize body composition with the goal of lifelong vitality. She treats patients of all walks of life – from sarcopenic individuals that want to improve muscle to age independently to overweight and pre-diabetic adults who need to manage weight and improve lean mass for better health. Her patients also include elite military operators such as Navy SEALS, Green Berets, Army Rangers and Canadian Assaulters, who benefit from her whole-body, whole-person approach, including advanced nutrition interventions, metabolic and genetic testing and personalized behavioral action plans.  For patient appointments:    

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