AceMannaDerm® With the Powerful Skin Healing Effects of Acemannan 

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The World’s Most Potent Regenerative, Healing & Anti-Aging Cream.

The active ingredient hospitals have found most effective in healing serious skin issues and trauma is Acemannan.  An  Acemannan based cream has been the choice of doctors and hospitals for the last 20 years for wound healing.  Acemannan is a scientifically demonstrated molecular structure which speeds healing and aids in the regeneration of tissues without altering the underlying structure of the skin, cells, organs, or tissues.  Acemannan is the concentrated, naturally occurring active ingredient of a cultured Aloe vera plant. Now, Imagine … having access without a prescription, to an Acemannan-Rich topical cream for Anti-Aging, Beauty, and Healing, which is now 10 times greater in Acemannan potency than the hospitals miracle trauma cream, and an estimated 30 times the regenerative potency of expensive cosmetics. All for a fraction of the price.


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Based on Proven Hospital Results – Not Hype.

Everyone knows that using any good skin cream daily will help keep the skin hydrated and somewhat smother in appearance. But hydration can hardly be classified as serious Anti-aging, Healing, or Cellular Skin Rejuvenation. Alluring stories of mysterious substances from foreign countries accomplish little or nothing for the cellular health, texture, beauty, and regenerative properties of your skin. For Anti-Aging, Beauty, and Healing, you must use the active ingredient Acemannan, which Hospitals have successfully used to treat serious skin issues and conditions for the last two decades. Acemannan is dermatologist tested with all naturally derived plant-based ingredients, proudly made in the USA at certified cutting-edge laboratories.

The World’s Most Potent Regenerative, Healing & Anti-Aging Cream.

  • AceMannaDerm® is Silky & Luxurious / Non-Greasy: Wear alone or under make-up for a Luminous Complexion.
  • Dermatologist tested. All naturally derived plant-based ingredients.
  • Paraben-free.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Non-comedogenic (Will not clog the pores).
  • No Animal Products – No Animal Testing.
  • For external use only. Proudly made in the USA at certified cutting-edge laboratories.


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