APMC-M.D.® Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex®

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Aloe Polymannose Multinutrient Complex®

M.D. Formulated Comprehensive Food-Grade Micronutrient Support of Normal Cognitive and Immune Function.

“Cognition” is the ability level which we possess, to assimilate and process the information that we receive from different sources  (perception, memory, experience, beliefs…) to convert them into knowledge.

Doctor Formulated, Patient Tested, Scientifically Demonstrated, & Satisfaction Guaranteed.

APMC-M.D.® is a food-grade powder, mixable in foods, shakes, and beverages. No prescription is needed, and there are no side-effects, contraindications, or negative reactions with medications. You may continue to take your vitamin and mineral supplements as well with APMC-M.D.®, which functions synergistically with any food or supplement.

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Ingredients: A proprietary proportion of Stabilized Aloe Polymannose Concentrate, Stabilized Rice Bran, Golden Flax Seed, Sunflower Lecithin, Dioscorea (Yam) Powder, Arabinogalactan Complex, Cysteine, Cherry Tart Powder, Calcium Silicate, Omega 3 Spherules, Citric Acid, Natural Vanilla, Glucosamine, Inositol Hexaphosphate, Lemon Flavor, Citrus Flavor. There are no other ingredients or additives used. This product is a Powdered Food Material Manufactured under strict GMPs.


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