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Dyslexia Symptoms

Quick Facts About Dyslexia Symptoms

  • Classic dyslexia symptoms include: slow reading, very poor spelling and weak phonemic awareness resulting in great difficulty sounding out words, especially unfamiliar ones
  • Pre-school warning signs include: delayed speech, difficulty learning the alphabet, inability to rhyme words, confusion of left & right, before and after and other directional or relational words, poor pencil grip and messy writing
  • Symptoms can be seen as early as the first six months of age
  • Difficulty tying shoe laces and reading a clock with hands are reliable indicators of dyslexia
  • Reading problems are often unexpected relative to other cognitive abilities or skills
  • Dyslexia varies from mild to severe, with symptoms varying in degree and number accordingly
  • Often co-exists with ADHDdysgraphiadyscalculia and dyspraxia

Reading Well Parent Guide 2018-19

The second edition of our Reading Well Parent Guide is packed with everything a parent with a struggling reader must know:

  • Dyslexia basics including symptoms, causes, methods of assessment and testing.
  • The most comprehensive tables of state-by-state resources you will find anywhere: schools, tutoring centers (180 that are free!), community organizations and more.
  • A parent primer on assistive technology, including recommended software applications.
  • The latest details on dyslexia-related laws in every state and what they mean for you as a parent.
  • Designed with the dyslexic reader in mind: friendly fonts, colors, spacing and loaded with images, tables and charts—because parents of dyslexics are often dyslexic, something we haven’t forgotten!
  • Now just $9.99! U.S. 


The Reading Well Dyslexia

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The Reading Well, “A Virtual Well of Dyslexia Resources”

Our Mission at The Reading Well: To help parents and teachers understand dyslexia and connect with helpful resources.

Our Vision at The Reading Well: A world in which reading difficulty is not a barrier to leading a rich and full life.

Streaming Well, “Video for Healthcare”


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